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These pages are dedicated to the phenomenal job done by the men and women of the Long Lines Department in providing unparalleled service to the nation.  The information here is generally limited to pre-divestiture topics, primarily the nationwide systems of microwave radio repeaters and coaxial cable facilities built between the end of World War II and divestiture in 1984.  Special interest is in aspects of the network that supported government and military communications during the cold war, especially nuclear protected facilities.  Other related or interesting information on communications systems, facilities, bunkers, and such may also be found here.


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L-Carrier Coaxial Cable Network

TD/TH Microwave Network

Greenbrier Bunker (Project Greek Island)

Finland AT&T Bunker Virtual Reality Tour

Maps and other downloads

Arecibo Observatory Inside Tour (NEW!) Microsoft Powerpoint Format - LARGE FILE!!!!

Miscellaneous Pages - Sutro Tower, DC, AT&T HF Station WOO, And Other Interesting Things

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Mike Jacobs is an electrical engineer specializing in antenna design, communications, and RF systems engineering.  He currently operates a successful small business that specializes in custom designed antenna and receiver systems for MF, HF, and VHF/UHF applications.  A 1998 cum laude graduate of Lafayette College, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, he earned a M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University in 2001, and has completed the majority of his coursework for the Ph.D. degree.  He also holds an Extra class Amateur Radio license with callsign N3MJ.

He has served as an instructor on the faculty of the Penn State Electrical Engineering Department, teaching courses in Electromagnetics, Satellite Communications, and supervising the Senior Design Laboratory course.  His consulting work has involved numerous projects for the Arecibo Radio Telescope, including much of the initial design work for the proposed 1 Megawatt HF Ionospheric heating system and work on specialized UHF receiving antennas for studying pulsars. 



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